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Unfolding Men groups are open to men from all walks of life. Career, education, bank balance, sporting abilities, religious or political affiliation is not what defines us, nor what we are interested in.


The men who host these groups are from all parts of society, united by a desire to understand the difference between who they truly are and what society has told them they should be. They have been exploring these questions for a while and have realised that beginning to express what they feel is the start of that understanding.


They have learnt that sensitivity and perceptiveness is not a weakness, and that expression doesn’t mean wallowing in emotion.  


The men running these groups are hosts, not counsellor or ‘trainers’. The power of the Unfolding groups is the openness and wisdom of all the men who attend, regardless of having attended one or many groups before. These groups are a chance for men to ask questions and share experiences with an open mind and heart.


The men attending these meetings feel there is more to life than meets the eye. They can feel that society has presented them with a model of manhood (even life) that is not working. They have come to realise that the only way for things to change is to understand more of who they are and what they can offer to the world.